Daddy Chasers


Daddy Chasers
2015 Channel 1 Releasing

Directed by Chi Chi LaRue
Starring: Jason Phoenix, Trent Ferris, Trenton Ducati, Sam Truitt, Cody Avalon, Logan Vaughn, Jake Jennings, David Benjamin

    Being a man of a certain age, I have met a Daddy chaser or two so this movie could be real fun! First up we have Trenton
Ducati (he's a daddy... does that mean I am grandpa?) and Jason Phoenix. Phoenix is the first one to start sucking dick and
eating ass. These guys are in the warehouse unpacking Phoenix's dad's dildo fucking machine so we will be having play time.
What's hot about this scene is that they flip fuck each other and flip and flip and flip. If you think they can't make this scene any
better, they do. Turning on the fuck machine and Ducati gets fucked by it while sucking Phoenix's dick. Next is daddy David
Benjamin who has to go to his son Sam Truitt's school because he has been bad. In front of the teacher and other students, he
paddles him in his undies (it's kind of hot for me and the other students). After a good paddling, daddy has to kiss it and make
it better (ok eat his ass). Well teacher Logan Vaugh likes it so much he lets Truitt suck on his dick. And while all of this goes on,
the other daddy Jake Jennings starts sucking on the other two students, Cody Avalon and Trent Ferris. Now it's game time and
the boys sit on the daddy's faces and daddy's munch away. When the teacher/coach blows the whistle they switch daddy's. After
game time it's time to fuck, and it's the daddy's getting fucked (hearing David Benjamin say 'come on son fuck me like a man'
will either turn you on or creep you out). This is a fun, hot movie... enjoy!
 3.9 Stars!