Cum Laude


Cum Laude
2017. TitanMen
Directed by Jasun Marx
Starring Lorenzo Flexx , Dirk Caber, Jonah Fontana and Jackson Grant

Four guys have rented a really nice house in Palm Springs. When Flexx and Fontana go to the gym, it means Caber and
Grant get to play by the pool. Grant is the first to touch and suck dick at the pool but it’s Caber who gets naked first. When
it’s Grant’s turn, he also gets some munching on his ass. I am happy to say that it’s Grant who gets fucked by the pool because
at this time it’s when they go in the house. When Flexx and Fontana get back, they find Caber getting fucked by Grant. Now
the hot part is when Flexx and Fontana watch the guys as the flip-fuck. Fontana and Flexx are so hot and bothered by the
show, they are naked and rubbing on each other and it’s Flexx with a dick up his ass. A little while later, everyone has their
clothes on. Fontana is horny again and he is grabbing his cock when he is talking with Grant. He must like it because he is hard
when he drops his shorts and Fontana is the first to suck a dick but don’t worry, they take turns. When Fontana starts eating
Grant’s ass, you know who is getting fucked; they go inside so Fontana can start fucking. Back at the pool, we find Caber who
is saying goodbye to Grant and Fontana. We find Flexx in a jockstrap getting some sun at the pool [wink-wink]. Caber decides
to go join Flexx but the fun part begins when Flexx starts rubbing baby oil all over his body. The fun really starts when Flexx
asks Caber to lotion up his back (remember that Flexx is in a jockstrap) and by the time Caber gets to his ass, you know that
Caber is going to lotion up Flexx’s hairy hole and put a finger in and a tongue and then it’s time to put his dick in Flexx’s ass.

 3.85 Stars!