Cruising Grounds


Cruising Grounds
2016. Hot House Video
Directed by Tony DiMarco
Starring: Chris Bines, Sebastian Kross, JJ Knight, Jacob Taylor, Bruce Beckham, Kyle Kash and Tommy Regan

Chris Bines is out cruising and runs into JJ Knight (take special note of Knight's pants with a crotch hole that will allow
his 9 plus dick to pop out for you to suck on). When Bines takes his pants off and has a jock strap on, we just know he is going
to be butt up for some ass eating (and Knight his going to have his dick up Bines' ass). Next is Sebastian Kross out tagging a
wall when Kyle Kash comes by and wants to help. Well in Kash-land this means that for starters sucking on Kross' dick. With
it also being Kash, he sits on a dick and we like it! Now it's time for Officer Bruce Beckham (woof) who seems to be having
problems with Chris Bines (has had some problems with the law before and will do whatever it takes to get off). In Officer
Beckham's mind this means he is going to fuck Bines, but when he's done he'll throw Bines a condom and say it's his turn to
get fucked (thank you 2017 for being the year of the flip!). In another part of the warehouse a shirtless Tommy Regan finds
Jacob Taylor with his pants around his ankles. So what's a guy to do? If you are Regan you suck that dick good and then it's
no surprise that Taylor is the top (Regan seemed to like it and so will you)!

 3.8 Stars!