Cross Fuck


Cross Fuck
2018. Hot House Video
Directed by Trenton Ducati
Starring: Austin Wolf, Johnny V, Woody Fox, Roman Todd, Dane Stewart, Dante Colle, Pierce Paris, Leo Luckett and
Jack Hunter

   Roman Todd is working his ass off in the gym and Johnny V is his coach/trainer so Todd is going to work. When Todd
doesn’t want to do anymore sit ups, what does Johnny V do? Well a Johnny V erect cock for him to suck on sure makes
Todd do his sit ups. Once both guys get naked, it’s Johnny V doing the butt munching. (Johnny V likes butt munching!)
Remember that Johnny V has a juicy ass, so Todd wants his turn to munch before he fucks him. Next we meet Dante Colle
who, after working out, looks for Dane Stewart to teach him to perfect his form at fucking [laughs] which means we start
with dick sucking. It’s no shock when Stewart starts fucking Colle, but I will say I was shocked when Colle starts eating on
Stewart’s ass before he fucks him (Colle learns well). Out by the pool, we find Pierce Paris and Johnny V working out
[double-woof] and after some push ups, it’s pool time for some laps. Once the guys get out of the pool, they are playing around
and Johnny V basically puts a hose up Pierce’s ass. Well, Pierce is not happy, so Johnny has to suck on some big Paris dick
to make things better. Let’s be honest: Once Johnny V saw some big Paris dick, we all knew he was going to get pounded.
Back in the gym, we find Jack Hunter doing some bench presses when coach Austin Wolf comes in to help out and when
Wolf realizes that Hunter has a big old hard-on, Coach Wolf helps out with a hand job. The fact that Wolf starts slurping
on Hunter’s big dick, I am impressed. Let’s be honest. We have only seen Wolf top, so it’s no shock when he starts fucking

 3.8 Stars!