Code of Silence


Code of Silence
2017. Falcon Studios
Directed by Tony Dimarco
Starring Sean Zevran, Ryan Rose, Fane Roberts, Pierse Paris, Kyle McMillan, Brandon Evans and Tommy Regan

   If you have a pulse, you have had a fantasy for a man in uniform. What is interesting is that each of the men in the movie
are either retired military (I need to know who!) or are familiar with a branch. The brotherhood of Marines has a code, a
“Code of Silence” (I always knew the guys on those long nights were doing each other.) What happens between Marines stays
with Marines. With this hot and horny platoon that is stationed deep in the desert, no one dares speak of all of the intense
fucking and sucking going on but at least we get to watch. What is cool to learn is that after a long, hard day of being a soldier,
these guys have hard dicks and welcoming holes just waiting for release. What is interesting with this movie is that most of the
guys just want to fuck or be fucked (I am cool with that) but two Marine buddies, Fane Roberts and Brandon Evans, realize
their fooling around runs a little deeper, so they keep their romance a secret (a gay Marine love story). Now the problem is that
Sergeant Sean Zevran is a bitch and is using his authority to get the satisfaction that he desires or it’s one hot three-way. If you
like a man in uniform, this movie is for you.

  3.9 Stars!