Clusterfuck! 1


Clusterfuck! 1
2014 Raging Stallion Studios

Directed by Steve Cruz
Starring: Dario Beck, Sebastian Kross, Derek Atlas, David Benjamin, Jessy Karson and Duncan Black

    This movie starts with Dario Beck going down on Derek Atlas and David Benjamin going down on Sebastian Kross. I have
to say, I am amazed that no one is watching what is going on around them. Now for a change of pace...  Benjamin and Kross are
69ing each other and do bring the degree of difficulty up as Atlas is now eating Benjamin's ass and Beck is munching on Atlas'
ass(yes Kross and Benjamin are still 69ing). So when it's time for fucking, it goes as expected with Kross fucking Benjamin and
Atlas fucking Beck. Then they switch and Kross is fucking Atlas (I like watching the beefy Atlas getting fucked) and Benjamin
and Beck are playing sucky sucky. Now for the final change up... Atlas is fucking Benjamin and Kross is cumming on Benjamin's
face, to be followed by Beck cumming on Benjamin's face. Next up we have Duncan Black and more of Derek Atlas who are both
hot in their dirty jock straps. After some kissing and sucking, it's time for Black to have his ass eaten (he likes that). Everything is
good in the world because it's Atlas fucking Duncan. Then we have Beck sucking on Kross' dick and it's Kross fucking on Beck's
furry butt. But now we have someone new at the party, Jessy Karson, and he likes licking on Benjamin's pits and sucking on his
nips. It gets interesting because Benjamin bends Karson over and Karson can suck on his own dick (if I could have done that as a
teenager I never would have left the house) all while Benjamin is eating Karson's ass! The surprise is that after eating all that ass
Benjamin is the one to get fucked.

 3.8 Stars!