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Tom Olah:  To start, congrats on being named the final 2013 Grabby Co-Host!
Christopher Daniels:  Thank you so much! It really was a surprise and honor to be asked.
T.O:  I also understand you recently received a major award at The Hookies. Congrats!
C.D:  Thank you again. I never thought the day would come but I am officially a pageant Queen! The campaigning was relentless but thanks to the support and votes of everyone I have blown and fucked (which is A LOT of people) I won the title of Mr International Escort.
T.O:  How did you first get started in the porn industry?
C.D:  I got started in porn when Zeb Atlas was filming a movie in Las Vegas and one of his models didn't show up. He saw my ad on rentboy and asked if I wanted to be in a Porn. I thought about it and said yes. Within 1 hour I was filming Porno Magic.

T.O:  What was your first day on a set like?
C.D:  It was boring, sterile, uneventful and kind of disappointing. I was expecting lines of cocaine on the set and full on steamy, sweaty, pigggy man sex. I had seen Boogie Nights twice and I figured that's what porn was all about. Instead there was paperwork and model releases to be signed, douching and 2 bored looking camera guys filming the scene. I mean it wasn't bad but I was so naive that I actually thought I was going to have crazy hot sex. Instead it kind of just felt like a job (with an orgasm at the end of the work day).

T.O:  Who was your first scene partner?
C.D:  It was Zeb Atlas which is a pretty big name to start with.
T.O:  You have done some amazing work in the last year, but I have to bring up a little movie that is nominated for a GRABBY called "Panty Hos" from Lucas Entertainment. I have to ask, what was the pitch like to get you to do the movie?
C.D:  I was actually approached about it at the Grabbys last year! At first, I was apprehensive and unsure. I was afraid I was going to look emasculated and ridiculous. I talked to Chris Crisco about the scene and he was very clear that I didn't have to do anything I didn't want to do and the scene was about hot, masculine men in Ladies underwear. I wasn't completely sure but I always like to push my sexual boundaries and try new things. I figured this was a perfect opportunity.
T.O:  Was it me or did all the guys seem to know what they were doing when they were putting on their fishnets, did you all go to fishnet school before you started filming?
C.D:  Everyone was very aware what was going on and we all knew what we signed up for. The staff at Lucas had purchased a bunch of lingerie and they created different looks for us. I remember I got a hard on as soon as I put on my lacy undies on which was a little confusing. I had a great time doing the scene and I thought it was fun to try something new.
T.O:  If you remember we talked back at Market Days about this movie and I said I just wasn't sure I wanted to see such sexy men in lacy panties, but I have to say its a very hot movie. Was it fun to shoot?
C.D:  That was my concern too but as soon as my rock hard dick started poking out of my panties I knew I was going to have a good time. I got to film the scene with Jeremy Stevens and we had great chemistry. We really got to enjoy each others bodies and just have fun. Sometimes shooting porn is pretty boring but then sometimes it's a blast. My time filming this scene with Jeremy and the Lucas Crew was definitely the latter.
T.O:  We also have to talk about another of your Grabby nominated movies, "Men in the Sand," did you know that your hot ass would make one of the hottest box covers of the year?
C.D:  I had no clue I was going to be featured on the cover but what I did know was this movie was going to be epic. I knew going into it it was going to be directed and lead by Ray Dragon and Jake Deckard so right there it's going to be legendary. I have read books on Wakefield Poole and Casey Donovan so I knew being apart of this project was a big deal and I was honored to be asked. The movie had a stellar cast and I loved how they combined 70's porn, fire island and hot raw masculinity.

T.O:  OK recently there has been a lot of talk on The Sword about you and a certain Teddy, what is the truth?
C.D:  The truth is Teddy and I are finished. We were truly the biggest porn power couple and we let our fame, success and the evils of social media get to us and we just couldn't get through it. We had such big plans and I don't know what happened. All I want to say is thank you to Teddy for showing me what true love is.

T.O:  But I understand this all went on during a movie you made for Chi Chi Larue...what is Chi Chi really like to work with?
C.D:  ChiChi was a tyrant. She was a slave driver and made me cry every day on set. She was an absolute nightmare to work with and she left deep emotional wounds. Aside from that, she really did know what she was doing and it was very interesting to see the legendary ChiChi at work. Smart ass comments aside, she really was great to work with and she has a good understanding of what models need, our eccentric (and sometimes needy) behavior and the whole process of filming porn.

T.O:  What can we look forward to seeing you in for 2013?
C.D:  Check out my latest Raging Stallion flick "Lowdown Dirty," "Kings of New York 2"/ Lucas Entertainment, 3 Hot movies with C1R which explore everything from puppy play to fucking teddy bears and my first movie with legendary director Joe Gage at
T.O:  How can your fans keep up with all things Christopher Daniels?
C.D:  Twitter (@ctopherdaniels), Facebook (ctopherdanielsVegas) and my personal website (ctopherdaniels).
T.O:  Is it true while you are in town Grabby Weekend you have a special appearance at Steamworks?
C.D:  Yes! I get to do a live sex show with Titan Exclusive Hunter Marx on Sunday Night. Hunter is so fucking sexy and this will be an amazing sex show. Last time we did a sex show he shot 2 loads on me. That man is a total pig!

This article ran in the May 21, 2013 Issue of GRAB Magazine.