Christian Wilde

Tom Olah:  Christian how did you first get into porn?
Christian Wilde:  I just discovered it online. I answered an ad for a home video and loved it. The rest is history.
T.O:  What was your first day on the set like?
C.W:  Nerve racking. I was so nervous and scared but really excited at the same time.
T.O:  Who was your first scene partner?
C.W:  Tommy D.
T.O:  How many movies have you done so far?
C.W:  I lost count. I have no idea but they've all been a blast.
T.O:  So when Mr. Pam brings you a script where you start the movie naked with a woman, being forced into sex with Phillip Ashton (wink wink), have a happy brownie and end up finding love with a man, what do you say?
T.O:  You don't see scripts with this much dialogue lately, did you have any fears?
C.W:  Not really. I'm always happy to see it. I've been doing porn for so long that it's refreshing to do a movie with a little more depth. Makes it exciting.

T.O:  I recently watched "Truck" another Nakedsword movie staring you and I have to ask, have you ever had sex on a motorcycle prior to making this movie?
C.W:  I did a solo on a bike I had before but never sex sex. It was so fun. I love motorcycles, I love hot men and I love sex. It's pretty much a kick ass situation all around.
T.O:  Would you suggest to your fans to try this motorcycle act at home?
T.O:  Who do you still want  to have sex with in a movie?
C.W:  Hmm... I've already had sex with Ashton Webber but I'd like to again. Jett Black is so cute and I'd love to make sweet gentle love to his cute Danish butt and after bottoming recently, I'd kinda like to try to take Tommy Defendi, although his horse cock scares me a bit. (Laughing).
T.O:  What can we look forward to seeing you in?
C.W:  "Wilde road 2!!!!" So excited.
T.O:  Best way for your fans to keep up with all things Christian Wilde?
C.W:  Twitter: christianwildex and blog:

This article ran in the May 21, 2013 Issue of GRAB Magazine.