Chris Harder

Tom Olah: How did you first get into porn?
Chris Harder: Well I actually moved to NYC seven years ago to be an actor and I wound up doing
children's theater. I was also waiting tables at this awful Times Square restaurant and eventually I
lost my job. I can give a great table dance; table service not so much.Eventually I got this gig GoGo
dancing at the Cock and then I just got more and more involved with nightlife. I kept getting these
opportunities that were really walking the line between dancing and sex work, but I was also seriously
dating this guy so going all the way with porn was an issue. When that relationship ended, though, I
just decided it was now or never so I applied online, almost like you would a "real" job. Only instead
of answering questions like "How do you solve a problem?" I just talked about how much I like
rimming and sucking dick.

T.O: What was your first day on the set like?
C.H: Well... my first day on set was actually an abandoned cotton gin in Manchester, England. I had
just signed with Cocky Boys in NYC but was already set for this burlesque stripper tour of Europe. It
worked out for me to document and film my travels and then make a porn with UK Hot Jocks. The
producers found this really beautiful (but dilapidated) building in the countryside. It was great... We
just had to make sure we didn't fall through any holes in the floor boards and keep quiet for the
occasional nature tours that were passing by outside.

T.O: Who was your first sex partner when a camera and a check were involved?
C.H: My first partners were UK Hot Jocks producers JP Dubois and Sam Barklay. They're really a
porn power couple and we all took turns fucking each other over these fallen cross beams in the
cotton gin. You know, simple.
T.O: First time you had sex a boy or a girl?
C.H: I actually didn't lose my virginity until I was 19 to this really well hung Brazilian Aerospace
major at my college. I think it was Easter break or something and we ended up fucking in his tiny
twin dorm bed. It left an impression.

T.O: Do you have a dream list of porn stars you want to have sex with?
C.H: Absolutely. I'd love to do a scene with David Benjamin, and he's a Ducati Model now too so
maybe there's a chance...
T.O: Are you a boxer or briefs kind of guy?
C.H: I'm actually a jock strap guy. I moved here with a duffel bag full of plays and horrible underwear.
Now I have so many jocks I actually have separate drawers for "day jocks" and "night jocks."
T.O: So I understand you are now working with Ducati Models?
C.H: Yes! I'm so excited to have signed with Ducati Models. Already Trenton and Michael (Youens)
have been getting me some great scene opportunities and club gigs so I feel really lucky. Things keep
steadily building for my adult career.
T.O: (Wink wink) do you have to get naked with Trenton Ducati to make this happen?
C.H: Well, I actually met Trenton on the set of a shoot. He stopped in to say hi to the director
(Marc Macnamara) and caught me in action. I guess my work ethic made a good impression ; ) I don't
want to brag, but I was a bottoming gymnast that day! It's funny because in this industry you really can
make friends, business contacts, and just awesome guys from doing a scene.
T.O: How many movies have you made so far?
C.H: I think somewhere between 15-20. Like I said, things have been steadily building for me. I used to
feel really impatient about that, like "Why don't I have more work or followers..." But I'm steadily
employed and gradually getting more and more into porn and sex work is helping me figure out how to
expand into other opportunities, like eventually having my own site and producing my own work.

T.O: What can we look forward to seeing you in this year?
C.H: Well, I have a lot of work in the can with and I also have a really fun scene for NakedSword's
Vegas Hustle coming out soon. Plus there's recent work I did with Hot House and Trenton's site too. I'm
going to be pushing into more edgy sexual material this year so expect things to get, uh, Harder... I couldn't
T.O: I understand you are appearing at Steamworks on April 25, what can we expect?
C.H: Yes! I really get off on doing live shows. You can expect it to get dirty.
I'm all about audience participation and I'll have some opportunities for a few lucky audience members to
play with me onstage. Plus, I'll have signed copies of my Cocky Boys' DVD Harder to give away.
T.O: What is the best way for your fans to keep up with all things Chris Harder?
C.H: I'm a proud social media whore. Literally.
Twitter: @ChrisHarderxxx, Instagram: @ChrisHarderFilms, Website:,

This article ran in the April 7, 2015 Issue of GRAB Magazine.