2014 Nakedsword

Directed by: Mr.Pam
Starring: Landon Conrad, Angel Rock, Vance Crawford, Donnie Dean, Tyson Tyler, Ray Diaz, Ashton Webber and Andrew Fitch
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

       Have you ever been cheated on? What makes a man cheat? Well first to cheat is Vance Crawford as he leaves his girlfriend
and baby at home when he is (allegedly) going to the gym. Instead, he goes to his friends' (wink wink) house and Crawford and
Dean Ryan are naked and sucking each other in no time (gutsy wild move is that while they are fucking in the hallway Ryan's
boyfriend is asleep in bed). The next part I did not see coming (and neither will you) is when the hunky Dean Ryan is having
Crawford's dick up his ass. If you are fucking around on your boyfriend while he is sleeping, close the bedroom door! Next to
cheat is Tyson Tyler ( HOT) with his boyfriend Landon Conrad who has to go meet a client and has a few hours to kill. Ray
Diaz is going to help Tyler kill them. After Diaz and Tyler give each other a tongue, Diaz gets the ass eating of his life...and ass
eating leads to the pounding of Diaz's life. Now good tramps that these two are, it's time to flip and Diaz fucks Tyler. So where
do trampy boys go to get in more trouble in San Francisco?  Nob Hill! and Ashton Webber and Andrew Fitch are those ho's!
After sucking each other off, it's time to fuck. Landon Conrad finally figures out that Tyson Tyler is cheating on him and to help
Conrad forget is Angel Rock. Since Rock is his cab driver, they do it in the back of the cab (it's San Fran and rooms cost a lot!).
Remember that when you cheat on your boyfriend, paybacks are a bitch.
 3.95 Stars!