2013 Hot House Entertainment

Directed by Christian Owen
Starring: Hayden Richards, Alex Andrews, Conner Maguire, Conner Kline, Alex Andrews, Aiden Conners, Jimmy Torque
and James Ryder
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

      It's a simple plot of guys getting athletic and boys who are going to fuck! First up is Alex Andrews who is boxing and Hayden
Richards who is watching. In no time Andrews has Hayden hard and Andrews is on his knee's taking it all down his throat. Alex
Andrews just gives a vibe that says 'I want to be fucked,' and thank god he really does want to be fucked. Besides liking to get fucked,
he is a loud talker and moaner while doing it. If you are a gay man who likes porn, you've had a fantasy about being in a locker room
and getting naked with a hot guy. Well Conner Kline is drying off after showering and is going to make his fantasy come true with
Conner Maguire. The hot part is that Maguire notices that Kline is starting to get hard and goes down on it to make it very hard.
Kline is a good guy because he then goes down on Maguire before he has it up his ass. Next up is Aiden Conners and he is in his jockstrap
when Alex Andrews wants him up on the table butt up (Conners is shy and is afraid to do it in the locker room...who knew he was such
a good actor). After eating ass and sucking dick, you just know that Andrews is the top. Last but not least, James Ryder is putting on
the boxing gloves and Johnny Torque is his trainer (wink wink). Ryder has a really nice dick and Johnny likes sucking on it. After they
are done sucking each other, it's time for Johnny to fuck Ryder (what a waste of Ryder's big dick!). If you have a locker room/gym
fantasy, this movie is for you.
 3.85 Stars!