Cauke For President


Cauke For President
2015. Titanmen

Directed by Jasun Mark
Starring: David Benjamin, Matthew Bosch, Nick Prescott, Dallas Steele, Luke Adams, Tex Davidson, Adam Ramzi
Candidate Mike Cauke is running for President and is homophobic, but we find Cauke naked and trolling on Manhunt.
Cauke (Matthew Bosch) finds someone he likes and that is Nick Prescott. After the Manhunt-shuffle they decide to hook up
(Cauke comes to Prescott). Cauke arrives at Prescott's house and Prescott has Cauke on his knees sucking on his dick before
Cauke is even naked. Well the guys do get naked and have a really hot 69 scene before fucking (there have been very few
candidates that I have ever wanted to fuck and Cauke and his fuzzy butt is the one!). The fun starts when Prescott realizes
that the man he is fucking is the homophobe that is running for President. It gets better because without Cauke knowing it
Prescott films him fucking Cauke. Later that day, Cauke's campaign manager David Benjamin sends worker Luke Adams
to do what ever it takes to get the vote. That means when the always sexy Adam Ramzi comes to the door in a towel you get
on your knees and start sucking and eating some ass! Let's just say Adams did what ever it took and I believe that Ramzi is
voting for Cauke. Now reporter Tex Davidson has the tape of candidate Cauke getting fucked and campaign manager David
Benjamin will do what ever it takes for it not to get out (begging is involved). Well begging leads to cock sucking which leads
to ass eating (Davidson wants Benjamin to take it all off because he is going to fuck him). Back with our favorite candidate,
Cauke, who is watching porn (Titan porn) and coworker/boyfriend Dallas Steele comes in. Cauke says he wants to be honest
about them, but first Steele wants to get naked with him. Well as you know, there are no secrets in politics. This is one of the
best movies that Titan has made in years!

 3.95 Stars!