Cauke for Free


Cauke for Free
2016. TitanMen
Directed by Jasun Mark
Starring: Mattew Bosch, Jesse Jackman, Bruce Beckham, Alex Graham, Alex Mecum and Jason Vario

   Don't you love when a porn gets political? Remember we have a long 4 years a head of us so let the games begin in Titan
land! So the story goes... Alex Mecum got married to a man on Sunday and was fired on Monday for marrying the man he
loved (it can still happen as termination of an employee based on sexual orientation remains legal in 31 states). Mike Cauke
(Matthew Bosch) is back and has started the "Caukepac" to stop the discrimination. Now that they have the votes, Mecam
comes back to celebrate and we learn his marriage is open so its okay if he fucks Bosch. I think Mecum is a muscle stud and
I feel Bosch should grab his ankles and take it like a man (I would!). But after sucking on Bosch's dick, it's Mecum who is
riding the dick. We've said in earlier reviews that 2017 is all about the flip... well they do and Mecum pounds some Bosch
ass. Please hold... they flip again! Moving behind-the-scenes with some political game playing we have Alex Graham, the
Senator, and Jesse Jackman, the deal maker. Well they are hot for each other and after Jackman does some ass eating it's
Jackman's dick giving Senator Graham a ride. I did not see this coming... Graham wants some Jackman ass and gets it
(remember everyone's flipping this year). Outside the room the security team (Bruce Beckham and Jason Vario) hear their
sex noises and it turns them on. Beckham gets on his knees and starts sucking. After the guys take turns sucking on each
other it's Beckham with a dick up his ass. There are more sexy twists and turns but you'll have to watch the movie to find out.

 3.95 Stars!