Catch 22


Catch 22
2015 Titan Men

Directed by Jasun Mark and Paul Wilde
Starring: Eddy Ceetee, Eric Nero, Adam Champ, Donnie Dean, Adam Herst and Hugh Hunter

    We don't know why Adam Champ and Donnie Dean are getting naked in the laundry room but are thankful we get to
watch. I will say the hot sexy/furry Adam Champ playing with Dean's hole is hot and you know who is going to be tapping
that juicy ass! This is funny to say, but they make laundry room sex hot. One of the hottest things in life is seeing Eddy Ceetee
getting out of the pool at a resort with palm trees in the background, even hotter is seeing Ceetee going down on Hugh Hunter
(I have to say I just met Hunter last weekend and he is hotter in person and is hot in this movie). Now while I was watching
Ceetee pound into Hunter's ass, two things: 1) Damn Hunter can take it like a man and 2) thank goodness that mustache is
gone. If you like manly men having sex this movie is for you!

 3.8 Stars!