Carter Dane

Tom Olah: How did you first get into porn?
Carter Dane: Although I had always been drawn to the idea of a porn career, it was my best friend who
had to finally give me that last little push. This led me to apply to a few studios including for
whom I shot my first scene in Men in Canada. Soon after I was told to look into cockyboys and they allowed
me to make that amazing scene with Colby Keller I had been fantasizing about for so long a reality. 
Binbadaboom! An exclusive contract inssued and here I am today.
TO: Was the first person you had sex with a boy or a girl?
CD: It was actually a boy, when I was younger. We were camping somewhere in New Hampshire and this
boy and I got along pretty well.  One evening, after a day of swimming and mud throwing we finally went
for a shower. Then, well I'll let you guess what happened next.
TO: Boxers or briefs kind of guy?
CD: I started off as a boxer-brief kind of guy, but now briefs and jockstraps have become my everyday
TO: What type of guy turns you on?
CD: A type of guy that turns me on, eh? Well, I am attracted by many types of guys, but in terms of pure
and instant lust I get weak in the knees when approached by tall scruffy men. This probably comes from
my longing for a hairier body and face .
TO: You were recently in Chicago for the Grabbys so I have to ask have you ever slept with a fan?
CD: As of now it has never happened. And anyways, to be completely honest, most people have no clue
who I am, so I am pretty sure the chances are slim for me to sleep with a "fan" per say.

TO: Has working in porn had any impact on sex in your private life?
CD: Well, working in this industry gave me the chance to meet people who are, for the most part, comfortable
sexually therefore at ease with talking about it. "Communication is key" is not just a saying and it is valid in
so many areas in one's life, including when having sex. So to answer your question before I blab on for hours,
porn has made me a better communicator in my sex life, enriching every bit of it.

TO: What has been the best thing about working in porn so far?
CD: As I confess in my upcoming new scene with no other than Adam Ramzi on, the intimate
chemistry that I have been lucky enough to share with some of scene partners is undeniably why I'm still here.
Granted, sometimes I might have wished I shied away from getting too close. That being said, I could never
let myself regret falling for someone or else I fear I would miss out. "Live and learn" for sure, but "live" is
required for that.

TO: You have an amazing body what is your workout routine like?
CD: Hmmm... I jog first thing in the morning, then go to the gym 5-6 days/week while splitting up the
different muscle groups. However, it does change pretty often depending on my goals. Also, one's routine
is decided by levels, goals, etc. hence I feel like "following" my workout routine would not be a good idea.
Plus I am no expert. But eh, I am sure Diego Sans or any other personal trainers out there could better
explain what a good routine looks like ;).
could better explain what a good routine looks like ;).
TO: You are a Cockyboys exclusive so what can we look forward to be seeing you in?
CD: As mentioned before, I am really excited for my new scene with Adam Ramzi coming out soon.
Afterwards, scenes with Boomer Banks, Jimmy Durano and "cameo" if you want with Levi Karter will
be featured within the "Just Love" summer series on cocky Some other exciting scenes are in
the making but I cannot say anything just yet, sorry. Oh! And there is the "All Saints"  project, which we
should start shooting later this summer. Fingers crossed for a mid to late fall release .
TO: Who has been your favorite cockboy to get naked with so far?
CD: That is a hard one, litterally and figuratively. I am always uncomfortable picking, since I can find
ways of complimenting every scene partner I have had. Mostly that I was fortunate enough to get to work
with somel of the A-lists of the industry... But at cockyboys specifically, I have to say that my lust and
desire for Colby Keller has now found a match in Adam Ramzi. But I will let you guys be the judge of that.
TO: Best way for your fans to keep up with all things Carter Dane?
CD: My Twitter and Instagram accounts are probably the best ways to keep tabs. Both are @_carterdane

This article ran in the July 26, 2016 Issue of GRAB Magazine.