Captain Americock


Captain Americock
2012 Boy Crush
Directed by Andy Kay
Starring: Kyler Ross, Austin Ried, Krys Perez, Dustin Fitch, Phillip Ashton, and Anthony Evans

(Condoms used for all penetration.)

    When you were in high school, did you have friends that were cute that you wanted to get naked and play with? I did and
this fantasy never came true until now. If you are a lazy stoner who has rent due like Austin Ried, you become a lab rat for the
Dr. Franko (Krys Perez, and yes readers, a twink movie with a plot). Let's first meet the players. First up is the evil Red Skullfuck
(Dustin Fitch) and you know he is the evil one because he has skull make-up on and he smokes a cigar (bad twink don't you know
smoking need a spanking). He has a cute twink boy chained up naked with a ball gag in, and the ever grateful twink lets
the evil Skullfuck just fuck him silly (young boys seem to try harder). So Austin Ried's roommate comes home and wants the rent
money, but Ried seduces his roommate or in gay boy land sucks his dick, eats his ass and then fucks him. Well this must not be the
first time this has happened because he still wants him to get a job and pay or the rent. Dr. Franko likes his subject and Ried will be
the test subject which means getting down to your underwear (young twink has nice underwear this time: Andrew Christian) and
ties you up. Well now the drugs kick in to make you the anti-twink (an adult in a twink body) and first Ried's underwear pop off
and he is hard as a rock when the good doctor Franko sucks him off and then fucks him. Now that Ried has taken the potion he can
become Captain Americock (and yes he has a costume) and eat ass, fuck twinks and save the day! This movie is a fun sex/twink parody
that will make you laugh and get you off.

 3.75 Stars!