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Tom Olah: How did you get into porn?
Calvin Banks: My start in porn was actually quite simple. I applied online to Helix Studios. They reached
out to me about a month afterward.

TO: What was your first day on the set like and who was your first scene partner?
CB: Wow, thinking back two-and-a-half years, I remember my first shoot being very relaxed. I was filming
with Tyler Hill. We started the day with pictures and interviews in Balboa Park, San Diego. I was as flirtatious
with him as I felt comfortable with, knowing he was dating Evan Parker. Eventually we got back to the studio
to film the sex; that was definitely a bit nerve-wracking. Once we began, it didn’t take me long to get the feel
for things. Overall, it was a good experience that built up my confidence for future scenes.

TO: Did you grow up in a naked family?
CB: Unfortunately, I did not. My mother always preached that I should cover myself up more but I couldn’t
help but be strip down and feel free.

TO: First person you had sex with?
CB: My first significant sexual experience came when I was 13. This boy was my age and hosting a Halloween
party. He invited me and three other boys to stay over. By the time they had all fallen asleep, he and I were lying
in the corner with his dick up my butt. And thus began my sexual endeavors.

TO: When did you realize you had a nice cock?
CB: That came not long after my first sexual experience. As I began meeting more guys, I noted that none of them
were ever bigger than me.

TO: What did your friends say when you started porn?
CB: I got a mixed bag of reactions from my peers. I was very open about where I was going and what I was doing.
Some embraced it wholeheartedly and listened to my stories of travel and boys with eagerness. Others chose to distance
themselves, feeling that by becoming “Calvin Banks,” I had changed who I was. Over time, many of those same people
who cut me off have slowly made their way back into my life, although less than before. I’m glad they were able to
recognize I’m still the same guy that graduated high school with them, although I may be a bit more confident now.

TO: Do you jerk off?
CB: I do indeed, as I imagine most other porn stars do; as for regularity – not nearly as much as I did in my teens.
I’m usually content with a single, prolonged jerk-off session before bed. I save my spontaneity for hookups.

TO: Dream porn scene?
CB: [Laughs] I’ve actually have a list. And while I can’t share the whole list with y’all, I can tell you I’m dying to
bottom for JJ Knight or I’d love a threesome with the Colby/Knox boys.

TO: Best place you’ve filmed?
CB: That’s a tough choice, as I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world thus far to film. Oh god. I think I’d have
to choose Mexico, but with Madrid in a close second. Mexico was incredible because we visited both Guadalajara and
Puerto Vallarta for a large film festival taking place that week. It was such an honor to see so many amazing films,
particularly in the LGBTQ section. And while attending, we were given star treatment. Always VIP, and never were
we “porn stars,” always “actors,” which was a nice touch because they made no distinction between how different the
two roles could be interpreted in other places.

TO: Social media’s role in porn?
CB: I think social media has saved this industry, especially in a time where so much free porn can be found on the
Internet. Being able to communicate directly with our fans helps us build long-lasting loyal relationships with our subscribers.
The vast majority who use these apps allow us to showcase our incredible projects directly to new interests, old subscribers
and potential business opportunities. Between Twitter, Instagram, etc. we have the ability to build a strong, recognizable
brand. It’s changed this entire industry.

TO: Female fans?
CB: I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, when I eventually realized that a large percentage of people supporting me and
responding to me online were female, I quickly understood how intense their passion for the guys in this industry, as well as
our work itself was. Through my two-and-a-half years now, I’ve gotten to know many of these incredible women and it’s
completely changed my perspective on how my content is received. These women can watch one of my scenes and pick apart
the most beautiful and passionate parts, pointing out moments and habits that even I wasn’t aware I had. I can’t express enough
how grateful I am of the female fans in this industry and without them, I doubt we’d be able to sustain such a successful business.

TO: Is it better to win?
CB: I try my hardest to stay as humble as I can in this industry. But sometimes you just want to scream how happy you are
[takes a breath] – simply, yes. I’ve been nominated enough to understand how grateful you must be to be included at all, but once
you finally get to walk onto that stage to accept your award, the feeling is like no other. I was genuinely speechless, humbled,
grateful and just overjoyed to have experienced that night at the Grabbys in particular.

TO: Current movies.
CB: I’d be amiss to not immediately direct you to CockyBoys’ currently feature series: “All Saints.” Everyone here (particularly
Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian) has been working non-stop on this project since I first signed with the company one-and-a-half years
ago. Throughout the past few months, we’ve released the first three episodes out of 12 total. I implore y’all to check out the masterpiece
that’s been created. Never before have I been so proud and excited about a project I’ve worked on and not enough amazing things
can be said about it do it justice – so just go check it out.

TO: Best ways to keep up with Calvin?
CB: Of course. The best ways to find me are on my social media accounts, Twitter, @CalvinBanksxxx and Istagram, @mr.calvinbanks.
You can always subscribe to for my latest and greatest scenes. Thanks for taking the time to read, guys!

This article ran in the September 4, 2018 Issue of GRAB Magazine.