California Dreamin 2


California Dreamin 2
2014 Falcon

Directed by Tony Dimarco
Starring: Landon Conrad, Donnie Dean, Lance Luciano, Angel Rock, Liam Magnuson, Ray Han and Trenton Ducati
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

     Landon Conrad waking up naked (yay) rubbing on his dick and getting ready for the pool is hot... no need to put a swim
suit on. Conrad then goes in the kitchen to have Ryan Rose feed him grapes. We all know feeding grapes leads to kissing and
humping and bumping and that means Landon is on his knees sucking. These two guys are two of the best ass eaters and flip
fuckers in gay porn and baby these two guys like fucking each other (and I like watching!). Next we are on to Lance Luciano
and Ray Han and Han comes out to the pool and jumps in while Luciano is laying down and starts rubbing on his dick. Well
Luciano has a big one and Han comes over to suck on it (I am impressed) but no fucking (I am confused). Back in the house,
Trenton Ducati and Donnie Dean are coming in and as fast as Donnie gets Trenton's tongue up his butt you know who is getting
fucked. Out by the pool we have Angel Rock putting on some suntan lotion and with him being the good porn star he has to put
some on his dick. I have to say it's a nice solo, Rock, but it's time for you to sit on a dick. This movie had good spots, but Falcon
you have done better.
 3.7 Stars!