Bustin Beeber


Bustin Beeber - Never Say Never
2012 BoyCrush

Directed by Andy Kay
Starring: Kyler Moss, Scott Alexander, Conner Bradley, Patrick Kennedy and James Redding
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

      A couple of weeks ago Justin Bieber was performing in Chicago -- did you go? Now that Justin is legal, admit it, haven't you
wanted to just stick the tip in? Well this XXX parody is going to give you the chance to watch this happen. The movie starts
with Bustin having to go to the bathroom (you could have let us watch) after a meeting with his agent and a fan runs into Bustin
and tells him his haircut is just like his sister's (LOL it's the old cut). After giving each other blow jobs, Bustin (aka Kyler Moss)
gets fucked silly by fan Scott Alexander. After the first scene, we kind of lose the plot and just have really cute twink boys having
hot sex. We come back to Kyler Moss and learn that his next partner is James Redding, and he is a movie virgin and by the end
of the scene his cherry is popped! My favorite is with Moss and Conner Bradley because the size of his dick looks like he is going
to split Moss in two. If you like the boys young, hung and filled with cum (oh to be young) this movie is for you.
 3.7 Stars!