Buff & Scruff


Buff & Scruff
2016. Channel 1 Releasing
Directed by Chi Chi LaRue
Starring: Bennett Anthony, Bruce Beckham, Spencer Whitman, Wesley Woods, Brendan Patrick and Tex Davidson

Tex Davidson is out walking and runs into Brendan Patrick... what's a guy to do? Take him home and let Patrick play
with his dick for starters. Davidson has a thick one and I'm impressed with Patrick's sucking ability. Let's be honest, there
is no question what's going to happen... Patrick sits on it and likes it but when he starts getting pounded he loves it! We are
now at the Chi Chi LaRue store in West Hollywood when clerk Spencer Whitman sells Bennett Anthony some lube (which
I guess means close the store and let's film ourselves having sex... wonder if boss Chi Chi taught him that trick?). As they
are filming themselves they're also watching it on the TV screen (HOT) and Ginger Spice (I mean Anthony) is doing some
amazing ass eating on Whitman. But wait, Anthony wants some butt munching love also. I had no idea who was going to
be the first to sit on a dick, but the winner is Anthony! Now we are at Bruce Beckham's house (my new porn crush) who
is getting his first cup of coffee of the day. He has a half chub and I do believe he is happy when Wesley Woods joins him.
Well these two can't control themselves and after some kissing and dick sucking Woods is sitting on the kitchen counter
getting his dick sucked. Thank god Beckham had that robe on because they need it when Beckham starts fucking Woods
on the kitchen floor. Hold the presses, I did not see this coming... Woods flips Beckham, lays him on the floor and fucks
him (very hot... 2017 is all about the flip). This movie has an amazing cast that will get you off.

 3.85 Stars!