Bucks County 1


Bucks County 1

Directed by Tony DiMarco and Bruno Bond
Starring:  Ryan Rose, Donnie Dean, Vance Crawford, Lance Luciano, Woody Fox, Conner Kline and Conner Maguire
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

       Falcon is taking boys on vacation and we are invited. The good news is that when Falcon takes us a vacation it's at a
place where outdoor sex is a must! First up we have Vance Crawford and Lance Luciano and they are barely out of the
car before dicks are out and being sucked. Best part is they are fucking in the back of the car they came in! Next we have
Ryan Rose who is laying out on the car and needs to cool down. Well it seems all of the Falcon men have arrived and are
ready to play. The first two who have found a field and a blanket are Woody Fox and Conner Kline. The part I liked is Fox
and Kline 69ing each other in the field...it's HOT! Now the boys are at a picnic and Woody Fox and Connor Maguire need
to go behind the barn and do some suckin. Only on a Falcon vacation would Ryan Rose find the only glory hole in the barn
and a whiling Connor Kline to help him out. By the look on Rose's face, Kline is good at it. This movie is like watching a
Abercrombie photo shoot that happens to have boys having sex.
 3.9 Stars!