Buck Naked


Buck Naked
2013 Falcon

Directed by Steve Cruz
Starring: Ryan Rose, Shawn Wolfe, Tyler Wolf, Angelo, Marcus Ruhl, Landon Conrad and Logan Vaughn
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

      Well Falcon has taken their men to an amazing cabin in the woods and I think they are going to get buck naked! When
the movie opens, we have Landon Conrad reading a book (yes porn stars read), but not for long when the sexy Logan
Vaughn comes in and starts rubbing on Conrad. We all know what rubbing leads to...fucking! First we had some dick sucking
and amazing ass eating on Conrad's part, and then we have Conrad fucking Vaughn. Next up we have porn's newest star
Ryan Rose popping his Falcon cherry with Tyler Wolf's dick up his ass! I have to say seeing 6'3" Rose naked with Wolf's dick
 up his has is hot, but seeing the big thick load Wolf shoots on Rose's face sizzles! So if you put Angelo's big hard dick together
with Marcus Ruhl's big juicy ass, want to guess what's going to happen? You're right, Ruhl gets fucked silly by Angelo! Now
the interesting teaming is with RSS new star Shawn Wolfe and Falcon's Ryan Rose because they will usually have their two stars
taunt and tease us fans for a while. But here we get to watch these two stars flip fuck each other and we like it! After watching a
major ass eating on Rose's ass, Wolfe sticks his dick in and fucks! But you know a good man – if he wants to give, he has to take,
and Wolfe sure does take it like a man! This is a very hot movie, and the only way to make it better would be to take someone out
into the woods and fuck.
 3.85 Stars!