Brian Bonds

Tom Olah: How did you first get into porn?
Brian Bonds: I first got into porn by working Cam4 and Twitter. From there, I was discovered by Jason Sparks
(before his bareback days) and traveled with him. From there, he helped me network and introduced me to
Fabscout. The rest is history.

T.O: What was your first day on a porn set like for you?
B.B: My first day on a real porn set was a bit nerve-racking. New models are always worried about being in
shape, having sex with direction and getting off almost on command.

T.O: Who was your first scene partner?
B.B: My first scene partner was Mike Rivers, a cute little boy. He was really great to work with.

T.O: Was the first person you had sex with a boy or a girl?
B.B: I lost my virginity to a girl. Like most gays in Arkansas, we really tried to cover ourselves as long as
possible by any means.

T.O: What did your friends say when you told them you are doing porn?
B.B: When I first told my friends about this new job, they were all speechless. They never thought that I’d be
doing something like this. And that little shock value is quite priceless.

T.O: Do you have a favorite porn partner yet?
B.B: I don’t have a favorite porn partner yet.

T.O: Who do you still want to work with?
B.B: I still really want to work with Austin Wolf. He’s big and muscular and I love his eyes. I want them filled
with anger as he plows me.

T.O: We have to talk about your scene in Auto Erotic Pt. 1 with Sean Zevran and Derek Atlas. I need to know,
how did you not cum on the spot with the way they were munching on your ass?
B.B: I don’t really get off just by having my ass eaten. Now, when they were spit roasting me, then it was hard
not to. I like Sean’s dick. And Derek is pretty to look up at while sucking.

T.O: Memorial Weekend, I understand you are going to be appearing at Steamworks. Do you know who you
will be appearing with yet?
B.B: I do know who I’m performing with at Steamworks. I don’t want to say at this time and ruin the surprise.
It’s going to be good.

T.O: What can your fans expect if they come to watch?
B.B: If they fans come to watch the Steamworks show, you’ll pretty much see one of my previous scenes reenacted.
It’s a fan favorite.

T.O: What movies can we expect to see you in this year?
B.B: For this next year, I’ve got a few fisting scenes coming out soon from Club Inferno and Fisting Central. There
is a big Falcon Studios Group production coming up that I’ll be a part of. Don’t know much else about it other that
it’s big.

T.O: Best way for your friends to keep up with all things Brian Bonds?
B.B: Follow me on Twitter (@BrianBondsXXX) and Facebook. I’m trying to get Instagram but all the user names
I’ve been trying to choose are taken. Somebody has got to have a fake profile of me or something

This article ran in the May 19, 2015 Issue of GRAB Magazine.