Brent Corrigan

(Photos Courtesy of NakedSword)

Tom Olah: Is it true you were born on October 31?
Brent Corrigan: Yes. I was actually conceived during Valentine’s Day week while my mom was a ski
instructor in Idaho. I was a total mistake. [Laughs]

TO: Does this mean you never had a birthday party because your friends were all trick or treating?
BC: When I was a kid, I had the biggest party in the neighborhood. But as an adult, I just get really dressed
up all weekend long and do lots of different things and costumes. I’m a big costumer. Sometimes it’s a little
frustrating when my friends choose not to join me. This year, I’m 31 on October 31, so I’m throwing a huge
public masquerade ball in New Orleans. Keep an eye on Twitter for details on that to come. [Smiles]

TO: You are known for your love of horses. How and when did horses come into your life?
BC: Growing up obsessed, they called me Pony Boy at my school. I had to pick up rocks in paddocks, muck
stalls and beg horse owners to let me ride their horses. I insisted on having horses around me even if I couldn’t
pay for lessons or buy one of my own. They’ve always been an element in my life. My first several years in
adult media, I kept my interest in them quiet because I didn’t want people to make dirty jokes.

TO: I remember first seeing you in the mega hit “Velvet Mafia.” What was that era of filmmaking like?
BC: Was it a hit? I was so far removed from the industry then. Uninvited, really, so I had no clue it was well
received. I remember so many other things about that era that are more personal than professional. Meeting Rush
for the first time on that set, I was so awestruck . I remember thinking, “This is kinda weird. All these big muscular
men running around calling each other ‘Mary’ or ‘Girl’.” They used feminine pronouns on each other rampantly.
At that time, I’d spent so much energy ensuring a more “straight-acting” exterior. I was afraid to let up even a little
bit. But I guess being a well-known twink bottom automatically made me appear fem. I didn’t realize it but they
were teaching me to just be myself. It has stuck with me all these years.

TO: I think you have been making films for 12-plus years. Do you still have a performer that you still want to
work with?
BC: I have. January 27, 2017 was the 10th year anniversary of Cobra owner Bryan Kocis’ death. Next February 3
will be my 13th year. I’d like to share more of my real self in more of my scenes. I still would love to do a great
interracial scene. I’d love to do some edgier work in general. The stuff I have filmed professionally almost never
represents my true sexual interests. Typecast does exist in porn, too.

TO: You first started directing films in 2008. Why did you want to direct?
BC: I wanted to be the Kubrick of gay porn. Ugh. Then I learned about marketability. That shattered a dream.

TO: In your new film “Ultrafan,” you said you were going to fuck your new Fleshjack toy. I don’t remember this
happening. Have you fucked your Fleshjack toy yet?
BC: I have. But I still much prefer sitting on my own cock (the dildo). The quick shot is great because it’s less
assuming when you travel with it. Or keep it in a slim bedside drawer. “UltraFan” is about a hijacked cam show.
We told a story through showing, not dialog or telling. There were seemingly not connected plot points just by
virtue of the reality-based element to the concept.

TO: You wrote, produced, directed and starred in “Ultrafan.” Why was this story important for you to tell?
BC: In non-porn media, they insist we “write what we know.” When I returned to porn after nearly a four-year break,
I was struggling to shift gears. I wanted to be back but I felt a tremendous amount of pressure to be somehow perfect –
a great example of how hype usually hinders and not helps. So I did a few months of cam shows. I think Zach Sire
called them “half-baked.” And then I saw this Elijah Wood film called “The Piano.” It was then I realized what I really
needed was something or someone that spurred me into action to be the best version of me or else. “UltraFan” really is
just a crazy fantasy of mine come to fruition on a Naked Sword porn set.

TO: For you, how does the writing process work?
BC: I outline my themes and plot for D.P. Welles and he puts pen to paper. He understands structure and how to write
without over-dialoguing. I’m a wordy motherfucker. I stay out of that part. Then I take what he sends me and send
my refinements. That works well.

TO: To me “Ultrafan” seems part fantasy and part real life; at the end of the movie, you are speaking to the live cam
camera and it seems very real life to me. Was it?
BC: There will always be a bit of real me in everything I do for media. I decided way back when that I was going to
be happiest and most successful if I just worked to be me and let the pieces fall as they may. It’s why I am so polarizing,
I guess. Some love me – but there’s no denying it – more people love to hate me.

TO: Why did you feel you had to have your say?
BC: You will always know where you stand with me. I’m a communicator. It’s a blessing and a curse. Drives some
crazy and makes me look even more nuts than I actually am. [Laughs]

TO: I have to say I truly enjoyed “Ultrafan.” Does that mean there will be more movies with Brent Corrigan writing,
producing, directing and starring?
BC: There will be if people are buying more porn in the future.

TO: What can we look forward to be seeing you in this year?
BC: Cake Farts. [Laughs] Just kidding. I am currently looking for funding on an epic streaming reality show and
separate porn site I am developing called “Next Top Bottom.” It’s a reality show where adult performers fight for the
title of gay porn’s Next Top Bottom, tutored by myself and top legend performers. I plan on shooting that in September.
May 2 is the release of Chi Chi LaRue’s “Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2.” I have a little part in that feature.

TO: Best way for your fans to keep up with all things Brent Corrigan?
BC: These days it’s Twitter or  that will relaunch Grabby weekend).

TO: Final question: You have said that the movie “King Cobra” was not your story but some day you would watch the
movie. Have you seen “King Cobra” yet?
BC: No, I haven’t seen it. I spoke at length regarding my experience with the filmmakers and my stance on everything in
a interview last spring. I’ve made peace with it.

      Brent Corrigan and JJ Knight will be preforming Monday May 29th at 9pm Live at Steamworks 3246 N. Halsted.

This article ran in the May 2, 2017 Issue of GRAB Magazine.