Breaking Mr. Hart


Breaking Mr. Hart
2018. NakedSword
Directed & Written D.P. Wells
Starring: Pierce Paris, Max Adonis, Remy Cruze, Woody Fox, Damon Heart and Dean Phoenix

   What do you do when you are stuck working 9-5 for a sexist, egotistical lying hypocritical bigot? Well, you get together
with your co-workers and get revenge! When Max Adonis shows up at his boss’s house on a very hot day, we find the boss
(Dean Phoenix) out by the pool who gets Adonis a skimpy swimsuit and has him strip down in front of him before Adonis
jumps in the pool. Adonis’ swimsuit magically get ripped up and Adonis is naked and mean Dean Phoenix (nice dick, Dean)
gets naked and joins him. Boss Phoenix starts rubbing his back which, of course, leads to Phoenix giving Adonis a handy; shy
Adonis gives one back but thinks he needs to go, that is until Phoenix starts sucking his dick. After a surprise appearance from
Phoenix’s wife, the guys get out of the water and Phoenix does some major butt munching before he fucks Adonis [surprise-
surprise]. This movie has twists and turns and I am going to try and not spoil them for you. When we find second victim Remy
Cruz moisturizing in his bathroom before he joins boyfriend Woody Fox in bed, baby Cruz is bouncing on some hard Fox cock!
We also find out boss Phoenix has a camera in the room and is watching. Next up is victim Pierce Paris and assistant Damon
Heart who is naked when he meets Paris and they get in the shower with Heart’s Fleshjack that Paris is watching Heart fuck.
Paris doesn’t waste any time when he gets in the shower and just starts fucking Heart (I like it). When the guys get out of the
shower they flip and it’s Heart fucking Paris. Now it’s getting interesting because they are bringing out the toy chest and Heart
is blindfolded and dildo double fucked (ouch) before rumored real-life freak Paris is blindfolded and dildo fucked. We find out
that Heart is friends with mean boss Phoenix and while Paris is blindfolded, invites Phoenix in and lets Phoenix dildo fuck him
while Heart films it. Now we know why Paris, Adonis and Cruz want revenge and how it’s time to get it. It starts with Cruz
drugging Phoenix and then Adonis and Cruz getting Phoenix naked and filming all kinds of bribable stuff. I enjoyed this movie
but it would have been better with more time spent on the revenge part of the movie.

 3.9 Stars!