Break A Sweat

Break A Sweat
2015. Titan Men

Directed by Jasun Mark and Paul Wilde
Starring: Eddy Ceetee, Hunter Marx, Jesse Jackman, Adam Champ, Shay Michaels and Dallas Steele
Hunter Marx and Dallas Steele are out running separately and happen to run into each other. Since they like what they
see, they go back to one of their houses (which happens to be fabulous in Palm Springs) to go skinny dipping in the pool.
After making out in the pool, it's time to go indoors for some dick sucking, ass eating and Marx getting fucked. After Marx
sits and spins on Steele's dick, it's time to flip and Steele is on his back. Now we're going to sweat in a private gym with Eddy
Ceetee and Adam Champ, and after taking turns sucking on each other, it's Champ who puts a tongue up Ceetee's ass (also
Champ who puts a dick up Ceetee's ass!). Next we're boxing with Jesse Jackman and Shay Michaels. After pounding on each
other, it's Jackman who gets his ass pounded. If you like real men having sex, this movie is for you.

 3.75 Stars!