Brandon Wilde

Tom Olah: How did you first get into porn?
Brandon Wilde: I’m now 27, when I was 17 I had a guy message me on MySpace or Facebook;
I can’t remember which. He was starting a local website and wanted to film me do a solo when I
turned 18, so two days after my 18th birthday, I filmed my first solo [laughs]. Then a few months
later, Chi Chi LaRue came to DJ at the Gay ’90s in Minnesota where I was go-go dancing. She
came with Jason Sechrest, at that time a porn agent in the industry. They liked what they saw and
offered to sign me as their new discovery. They flew me to Jacksonville, Florida ; it was my first
plane ride when I was announced as their new discovery. After that, I flew back to Minnesota and
a month later, got my first shoot signed under my new agent, Jason Sechrest.

TO: What was your first day on the set like? Who was your first scene partner?
BW: In my eyes, my first real production was my first shoot signed under Jason Sechrest for Suite 703,
and it was with Trevor Knight who was a very well known adult star at the time. It was so professional
and much different  than the local site I had gotten some experience under. I was super-nervous [laughs]; 
came too soon in my shoot and had to keep filming anyway. The scene was a huge success; in my eyes it
wasn’t. I was so nervous and wanted it to be so perfect; I’m a perfectionist.  After that, every scene got
easier and better. I became more and more comfortable after each scene I shot. Now nine years later, I’ve
won a lot of awards and would be more thankful for that first scene to show me the ropes of production.

TO: You have a real nice ass. When did you realize that you had a great one?
BW: Umm [laughs], I’m totally not flawless by any means. But yes my bootie has got a lot of the fame and
attention, along with my personality of course. But as to realizing it, I’d have to say in Florida when I
started my Twitter page at 18 and Chi Chi LaRue and Jason Sechrest started tagging me in pics they were
taking, then seeing the comments and feedback. From that point on, it grew into my trademark along with
my tiger paw tattoos.

TO: What type of workout schedule do you have to keep that ass so tight?
BW: Honestly, I love Barry’s Bootcamp. They target a different muscle group each day. Along with diet
and the trainers, I swear like crazy, burn calories and, well, tighten that ass. Also it helps I live on the second
story of my apartment complex without an elevator and three flights of stairs. Grocery shopping deserves
some credit [laughs].

TO: What do you think the biggest misconception is that people have about those who work in porn?
BW: Maybe that we are all just sluts. Porn is a job, a job I love, but we have hearts and big ones typically.
We all want love. We want the same things a lot of others want. It’s often hard to date. But people on the
outside don’t understand the amount of sweat and hard work that actually goes into a production. They think
it’s an easy job and it’s far from “easy.” I’m tired and leave with bruises. To make an award-winning movie
takes a lot of work on many sides of the production.  So I’d have to say, the biggest misconception would
be to say, “Porn is an easy job.”

TO: Was the first person you had sex with a boy or a girl? How old were you?
BW: Well, I jerked off with some neighbor friends in my younger days and have always been very sexual
in my nature. But a girl was my first to take my virginity. I grew up in a really small town.
I was confused and tried hiding my feelings towards men because I didn’t quite understand it or accept myself
when I was younger. So I dated girls, had sex with them and escaped my fears of who I was. When I was 16,
I finally said fuck it.
      My mom found out through a friend’s mom I was gay.  She knew because her daughter was a lesbian and
decided to tell my mom drunk at a bar one night.  Once I realized my family still loved me, I said fuck it and
posted on MySpace that I was gay when school got out and didn’t even go back on it. I started the new school
year. Luckily, my friends still loved me. I won Prom King and honestly was one of the luckiest people in terms
of being accepted.
      I was gay-bashed once and had my jaw broke by an older man at a party for being gay. But I’ve been blessed
with acceptance from my family and friends.

TO: Does your family know about your porn career?
BW: Yes, all my family knows; Grandma also [laughs]. Obviously it wasn’t something they wanted at first; once
they saw I wasn’t changing my mind and saw the passion and happiness of finally being free, they accepted it. I
help my family a lot financially also, so it was also helping them. My mom would rather have had me became a
doctor or lawyer, but I’m happy. When your child is happy, it’s hard to tell them what they’re doing is wrong.

TO: What did your friends say when you first got into porn?
BW: They thought and still think it’s cool. I get to travel, met a lot of famous people. I’ve lived a very extravagant
and fun life, not just because of porn, also because of my personality and drive. In all honesty, they wouldn’t be
friends if they were not okay with me being happy and following my dreams.

TO: Who is your fantasy porn star that you want to work and have sex with?
BW: [Laughs] Honestly, I’ve had them all, but my favorite has definitely been Brent Everett, one of my best friends
in the world now, who used to be my secret crush jerking off to his porn at 16, wanting to escape my little town and
do what he did and be free to be gay. He’s now become such an incredible beautiful friend. It’s crazy how the world
works. I recently filmed with Dylan James for Lucas Entertainment; we really clicked; love that man; such a sexy guy
with a heart of gold.

TO: You are also a DJ. What is your favorite type of music?
BW: DJing isn’t about what I like; I play for my crowd and it depends on the venue for which I’m playing.  I love
hip-hop; I love ’80s and, of course the’90s, because I grew up in the ’90s.
But DJing is a fun transition because I can’t film in porn forever and really want a family of my own someday. I love
music. I love the energy. I love entertaining clearly and I still get attention DJing. So it’s a perfect match and goes great
alongside my porn career. I’m excited for the launch of, where I will have a DJ section, blog,
cams and so much more for my fans to keep up with my tours and gigs around the world.

TO: What has been your favorite movie you have appeared so far and why?
BW: All of them are my favorites. They all have built my name and have launched my career; definitely Brandon
Wilde’s First Gang Bang won Fan Favorite at the Grabbys last year and that was a heartwarming experience. I have
the most incredible fans; they supported me by voting everyday.
      Secrets & Lies for NakedSword was definitely an amazing movie to be a part of that also won Movie of the Year
at the Grabbys. mr. Pam is an amazing talented director who I love working with.

TO: What can we look forward to see you in for the rest of this year?
BW: Definitely the launch of that should be up before the end of the year. I am really focused
on my DJ career also.  
      For anyone looking to book an amazing PoRnsTaR Dj for their venue, feel free to email my agent at

TO: What is the best way for your friends to keep up with all things Brandon Wilde?
BW: Definitely my social media: Instagram: @brandon_wilde; Twitter: @brandonwildexxx; Snap: @bwildexxx.

This article ran in the September 19, 2017 Issue of GRAB Magazine.