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Tom Olah:  Was the first person you had sex with a boy or a girl?
Brandon Jones:  It was a girl. Coming from a small town I didn't realized I was gay till the age of 16. I was really promiscuous and started to hook up with girls at a very young age. I still find the woman's body attractive, but I would never have a relationship with one now.
T.O:  And the first person you had sex with when a camera was involved?
B.J:  I use to date the dad of a friend in high school secretly. We use to film each other having sex in public places mmmm.
T.O:  Are you a boxer or brief kind of guy?
B.J:  I'm a brief/jock kind of guy.The smaller the better!
T.O:  What was your first day on a porn set like?
B.J:  It was a solo for I was surprisingly not nervous at all. I was horned up and ready to show it off. Felt like I was doing that all my life.
T.O:  How many movies have you made so far?
B.J:  About 45 now. I have been really lucky to be shooting with great studios and amazing actors.
T.O:  Who is your fantasy porn star that you want to get naked with?
B.J:  I wrote an article about this on I did all my porn crushes so far, Michael Lucas, Rafael Alencar, Jay Roberts and Landon Conrad. But there's one that I still have not got the chance to put my hands on: Rafael Carreras! Our day is gonna come ;)
T.O:  Does your family know about your porn career?
B.J:  Yes, and they are really proud supporters. They know I'm doing this for the right reasons. I don't do drugs or have money problems and I do it for the passion of sex, modelling and film making.
T.O:  What did your friends say when they first heard?
B.J:  No one was surprised. I speak very openly about my sexuality and have a very developed exhibitionist side of me. I never had a single person with whom I felt judged by my choices. The more you are blunt and upfront with who you truly are, the more people respect your life choices.

T.O:  In the new Hot House movie My Doctor Sucks, you have one of the hottest three ways with Angel Rock and Lance Luciano, was it as fun to film as it is to watch?
B.J:  It was actually my first ever on screen threesome. I was nervous going to set cause I knew I had to say lines, and being a french Canadian I was afraid I would sound stupid. I was really happy to shoot again with the sexiest Cuban Dr. Rock and I can definitely say that Mr. Luciano has one of the hottest cocks of the industry. Props to Christian Owen, he brings HOT ACTION and MAKES EVERYTHING LOOK AMAZZZZING.
T.O:  What can we look forward to seeing you in this year?
B.J:  I am focusing right now on the launch of my own studio We are taking a different approach to adult entertainment creating erotic art with the biggest pornstars worldwide. I'm also hopefully gonna appear in more American studios like Hot House and Falcon.
T.O:  Have you ever gone out with a fan?
B.J:  I do sometimes when a nice guy passes by Montreal and wanna meet me ;) I'm a very sweet and simple guy so you never know when love could knock on your door!

T.O:  Best way for your fans to keep up with all things Brandon Jones?
B.J:  Through twitter: brandonjones70, on my blog: or my Facebook fan page Brandon Jones. But the support of fans is needed for the success of Mr. Jones Films.

T.O:  Best way to get your movies?
B.J:  Through the studio websites! Big kiss everyone...see you soon.

This article ran in the September 24, 2013 Issue of GRAB Magazine.