Boy Next Door


Boy Next Door
2015. Helix Studios

Directed by: Keith Miller
Starring:  Luke Allen, Kody Knight, Dylan Hall, Sage Porter, Andy Taylor, Mitch Hudson, Evan Parker, Tyler Hill,
Troy Ryan and Jessie Montgomery
Reviewed by: Jamison Winthrop

    So not sure whose door these guys live next to, but I don’t think I wouldn’t turn off the lights and peek through the blinds
to watch. This five-scene (and no bonus footage) DVD clocks in at a disappointing 102 minutes from Helix Studios and has some
new talent including “twink with huge cock” and of course the hottest bottom, Andy Taylor. One issue I have with the baseball
uniform scene is that neither of these two could play wiffle ball without looking like total girls, so maybe it is best to keep it real?
But the one three-way with Evan Parker is very nice and there is even another scene in the kitchen. Kitchen fucking seems so
messy for cleanup and the counters are too high. Thank you again to Helix studios for not adding crappy music soundtracks
in the background and for keeping the gay HD porn thing at its pinnacle. Thanks also to Tyler Hill for being brave enough to
be super-hot in that aforementioned three-way. There seems to be a lack of outdoor scenes but the lighting is excellent and you
can’t miss a thing. On my big HDTV, I noticed no razor burn or grossness happening, so applause to the artistic director for
making my wishes come to life on the big screen. Honestly the only really great thing that would make this installment an A+
is a guest cameo with me, “Grade A Dick.” I could be the pizza guy that interrupts the scene and winds up balls-deep in Evan
Parker or sharing jokes with Kody Knight after we DP Andy Taylor for the third time in that scene. Look, the possibilities are
endless but the rating here is a solid 3.8. 
 3.8 Stars!