Bounty Hunters


Bounty Hunters
2018. Raging Stallion Studios
Directed by Steve Cruz
Starring: Riley Mitchell, Alex Mecum, Kurtis Wolfe, Eddy Ceetee, Johnny Ryder, Jay Austin, Lorenzo Flexx and Jay Landford

Drug runner Riley Mitchell ends up in jail and the innocent Jay Austin is his cellmate. The deal is Mitchell is horny and
yanks down Austin’s shorts so he can eat some ass. Don’t worry, Austin returns the favor before he shocked me and fucks
Mitchell. I do feel better when they flip and Mitchell fucks Austin. Mitchell escapes from jail. Bounty hunters Jay Lanford and
Lorenzo Flexx are hot on his trail, but they have some down time, so what do two hot and horny men do? Get naked and fuck!
Let’s start with the fact that Flexx and Landford are built and when Flexx is sucking on Landford’s dick, all you will think is,
that is one nice dick! No surprise when Landford fucks Flexx, but Flexx wants that big dick bad and more if he could. Back
with Mitchell who escaped with the help of Johnny Ryder who, for some reason, didn’t have a car. The guys kidnap Kurtis
Wolfe and steal his van. Wolfe does not shut up so Ryder shoves his big cock in Wolfe’s mouth and Ryder, being such a kind
and giving kidnapper, sucks on Wolfe’s dick until he cums in the back of the van. When the guys finally arrive at their secret
hiding place, the naked Wolfe is still whining so with Wolfe, butt-up, Ryder and Mitchell take turns munching on Wolfe’s ass
(lucky man). Mitchell is first to fuck Wolfe but the surprise is when Wolfe fucks Ryder and then Mitchel. (Is it just me or is it
weird the kidnapper’s victim is getting to fuck the them?) Bounty Hunters Flexx and Landford break in and there is a shoot-out,
Riley escapes and goes to his own home to get some cash, but two more bounty hunters Alex Mecum and Eddy Ceetee break in;
Riley hides in the closet. While Mecum and Ceetee wait, they decide to get naked and busy with each other. While they are sucking
and munching on each other, Riley is still in the closet watching and rubbing one out. It’s Ceetee who gets to fuck Mecum; I am
happy to say they flip and Mecum gets a chance to pump on Ceetee’s juicy ass! While Mecum and Ceetee are fucking, they hear
Riley in the closet and capture him. Riley begs to get fucked before he goes back to jail. What do two good bounty hunters do?
They fuck him!

 3.9 Stars!