Boomer Has A Big Fat Dick


Boomer Has A Big Fat Dick
2016. Cockyboys
Directed by Jake Jaxson
Starring: Boomer Banks, Dillon Rossi, Danny Montero, Brandon Jones, Dustin Hollway, Ricky Roman, Zak Bishop and
Topher DiMaggio

We all know Boomer Banks has a big dick (he actually won a Grabby in 2014 for hottest cock). How this movie starts is
with Boomer coming into his hotel bathroom and finding a naked Dillon Rossi in the bathtub playing with himself and fighting
to not cum because he is close. Don't worry, he cums, and all we have is Boomer without his shirt playing with himself (I want
to see his big fat cock!). In a non-traditional porn way they now start interviewing the guys to share how and when they first
met and what turns them on. So after what seems like forever of teasing, taunting and titillating us, Boomer fucks Rossi every
which way and Sunday! Next we meet Dustin Hollway doing his first movie for Cockyboys and let's us know he likes to get
fucked (a little shocked) by starting slow and then getting pounded. Well Brandon Jones is the lucky man to take Hollway's
Cockyboys cherry and after shots in a bar it's back to the room to get naked and have the very hot bodied Jones fuck him.
Watch out New York, Ricky Roman is back in town and he loves the night life. After Roman shows us some of his favorite
spots, he informs us he likes to share this experience with other people (AKA a cute trick). Well tonight's special friend is Zak
Bishop, which means if you want to see the fabulous view from his hotel room you better plan on putting out. We then meet
the adorable Danny Montero (so cute and sweet) who is sharing about his special time with Topher DiMaggio (do you think
Andrew Christian gives his boys underwear as parting gifts?) what we learn Montero has a crush on DiMaggio. After a day
of hiking they go back to their hotel room and the evil DiMaggio wants to get more comfortable with Montero (we all know
that is code for lets get naked!). So it's no surprise when DiMaggio fucks Montero, but I must say Montero is flexible. I really
liked this movie... my only complaint is I did not see enough of Boomer Banks' big fat cock.

 3.9 Stars!