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Tom Olah:  Congrats, you just won a Hookie Award for best international escort!
Boomer Banks:  Many thank you's! It was quite a surprise to me, the pictures speak for themselves OMG!!!! (Laughing)
Tom Olah:  Does this mean you get better service at airports?
B.B: Laughing my ass off...DUH!
T.O:  I know you know you have a large penis, but when did you realize yours was bigger than your friends'?
B.B:  Oh this question... I really don’t know. It’s never been my identity, everything else about me overshadows my
large penis.
T.O:  How did you first get into porn?
B.B:  I filmed my first scene for Raging Stallion’s Timberwolves (nominated for a Grabby) on my 33rd birthday.
Whoo Hoo!
T.O:  Are you a boxer or brief kind of guy?
B.B:  Boxers as of lately, before that no underwear...not a good idea for a large uncut cock…ouch! #damnzipper
T.O:  Was the first person you had sex with a boy or a girl?
B.B:  A man...woof!
T.O:  What was your first day on a set filming your first scene like?
B.B:  AMAZING! Steve Cruz and Kent Talyor were great to me and it made the experience unforgettable. My scene
partner, Marcus Issacs, was a dream. You never forget your first!

T.O:  How many movies have you made so far?
B.B:  I want to say 13, maybe 14.
T.O:  Do you have a fantasy porn star that you still want to work with?
B.B:  Tim Kruger
T.O:  What can we look forward to seeing you in this year?
B.B:  More sexy dirty kinky porn, me growing as an artist both in porn and in fashion. I am a fashion designer who will
be coming out with a capsule men’s collection before year end.
T.O:  You are nominated for a number of Grabbys this year, will be seeing you at the show?
B.B:  Fuck yea! I would not miss it for the world. I am very honored to have been nominated. I was humbled by the 4
nominations, another surprise. I was in Florida eating lunch and spit out my bacon. That never happens…bacon is sacred.
Thank you guys again, I’m truly grateful.  
T.O:  Best way for your fans to keep up with all things Boomer Banks?
B.B:  Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all three show my multi talent self: ,,

This article ran in the May 20, 2014 Issue of GRAB Magazine.