2016. Titan Men

Directed by Jasun Marks
Starring: Mathhew Bosch, Eric Nero, Dallas Steele, Bruce Beckum, Dirk Caber, Adam Ramzi and Marx Sargent.
Homeowner Dallas Steele needs some remodeling and Bruce Beckum is the man with the blueprints to make it happen.
Beckum has never slept with a client before, that is until he met Steele. Once Steele finds out that Beckum has a big ol dick,
Steele has to sniff it, lick it and the suck it (I am very distracted by Beckums very nice dick). Once Steele starts munching on
Beckum's ass, we all know who is doing the fucking. I am happy to say that after Beckum bounces on Steele's dick it's Steele's
turn to have some big Beckum dick up his ass (FYI this scene will be up for Hottest Flip at the 2017 Grabbys!). The next day
on the construction site foreman Mathew Bosh asks Eric Nero why they call him Big D... well of course because he has a dick...
and he will prove it. After the guys take turns sucking on each other, it's Bosh with Nero's dick up his ass! Well Big D is late
for his next meeting so that leaves Dirk Caber (plumbing) and Adam Ramzi (landscaping) on their own. Once the boys take
turns sucking on each other, I have to say I was shocked that Ramzi was the first to have a dick up his ass. But don't worry,
they flip also. When Big D (Eric Nero) finally gets to the construction site he has some extra energy (slut) and has Max Sargent
to play with... this time it's Nero who is doing all the bouncing!

 3.9 Stars!