Blue Collar Ballers

Blue Collar Ballers
2015. TitanMen

Directed by Jasun Mark
Starring: Eddy Ceetee, Nick Perscott, Jesse Jackman, Dirk Caber, Hugh Hunter and Dallas Steele
The movie starts with Nick Prescott and Eddy Ceetee making out in a warehouse (and they are two of the best dressed
workers I have ever seen). After the guys take turns sucking on each other's dicks, it's Prescott who is taking the dick up
his ass. Next we have Jesse Jackman and Hugh Hunter, who I must say look like they are really enjoying making out with
each other. The way Jackman is munching on Hunter's ass I think they both are having a blast, and when Jackman finally
puts his dick up Hunters ass, fun and pleasure is had by all. Well Dallas Steele and Dirk Caber are moving into a new place
and need to break it in, so Caber is on is on his knees and we get to watch him suck on Steele's really nice dick. After they
had each munched on the other's ass, I did not know who was going to get fucked. But these guys do turns so we had a really
hot flip.

 3.85 Stars!