Blind Hookups and Other Fantasies


Blind Hookups and Other Fantasies
2017. Cockyboys
Directed by Jake Jackson
Starring: Alexander King, Alec Mecum, Taylor Reign, Colby Keller, Josh Moore, Jeremy Spreadums and Cater Dane

     Do you like to be blindfolded and tied up? Well, Taylor Reign sure seems to like it because he is hard as a rock and Josh
Moore is coming in the room ready to play. While watching this scene, pay attention when Moore just touches the head of
Reign’s dick… The way Moore touches, licks and tastes Reign just sizzles. For someone who is blindfolded, Reign has no
problem finding Moore’s dick to suck on. Next we find real-life couple Carter Dane and Alec Mecum at home resting on the
couch, talking about when Dane had Mecum blindfolded and tied up in the woods. When the blindfold comes off, all he can
see is Dane teasing and taunting his man and Mecum likes it. While the guys are in the woods, Mecum shoots an amazing
amount of cum all over Dane’s face. When the guys go in the bedroom and Mecum is munching on Dane’s ass, my only thought
was, Mecum, you are one lucky man to be eating that Dane ass! When we find Jeremy Spreadums running in the park, he
finds Colby Keller and decides he want to get naked with him. Keller also checked Jeremy out and goes after him. The guys
like each other and they go back to Jeremy’s house so Jeremy can suck on Keller’s dick and Keller can fuck Jeremy. (Where
is this park?) Don’t worry; it’s all outdoor sex. Jeremy really likes sitting on Keller’s dick and you will enjoy watching.

 3.85 Stars!