Biggest Catch


Biggest Catch
2015. NakedSword

Directed by Mr. Pam
Starring: Killian James, Adam Ramzi, Andrew Stark, Jackson Fillmore, JD Phoenix, Garrett Cooper and Casey More

    This movie starts with Killian James, Garrett Cooper and JD Phoenix leaving Las Vegas and their gogo boy hustling
lifestyle to move to San Francisco. Well the boys are down to their last $300 so they are going to have a contest to see who
can get the richest and cutest daddy. First up we have JD Phoenix looking at the church of Steamworks. Well Phoenix has
enough money for a room and that's when Jackson Fillmore comes in and his rich daddy wants to watch them fuck. After
some ass eating and dick sucking, it's Phoenix who is doing the bouncing and not to be out done they flip. I'm shocked to say
I liked Phoenix as a top (and don't worry daddy liked the show). So it's Killian James' turn to go looking for a daddy and
since it's San Francisco he finds daddy Casey Moore outside his balcony. James is a charmer and has Moore naked and
enjoying James sucking on his dick and eating his ass. Because the fucking was so good, James is hired and has a daddy!
Well Garrett Cooper still hasn't found a daddy so Phoenix and James help because they don't want their friend to go back
to Vegas. So where does Cooper go? The guys take him to Oasis, the hottest bar in town, and Cooper happens to go after its
owner, Andrew Stark. For what must be the worst pick up on earth, or Stark must be horny, it works because they are in the
back of the bar and Cooper is on his knees. After he gets the ass pounding of his life, Stark gives him a job (I don't think he's
a daddy). Now Killian James is a greedy bottom and goes looking for a second daddy, finding him in Adam Ramzi. There is a
major twist at the end of the movie and it gives new meaning to happy ending... you'll have to get the movie to find out!

 3.9 Stars!