Big Country


Big Country
2012 JOCKS

Directed by Bruno Bond
Starring:  Paddy O' Brian, Ray Diaz, Levi Madison, Bobby Clark, Luke Milan, Jake Steel, and Lucas Vitello
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

      So JOCKS rented a big house in the country and we have been invited to watch the fun! I Iike it when a movie opens with
Paddy O' Brian plus Levi Madison who both get naked on the porch in seconds. Readers, what you are going to like is when
Madison sits on O'Brian's dick and love how Madison's big hard dick just kind stays hard and bounces to the fucking. Once we
go inside the house we join Ray Diaz who is taking a bath (where do these studios find these hot bathrooms). Bobby Clark needs
attention which means first his balls sucked and then his dick. I have to say it stuns me when porn stars who are bottoms for so
long like Clark are tops in a scene, but I have to say I liked it. If you have ever sat with someone else on a hammock  you know
it's not easy. But to be kissing, jacking and then 69'ing is very impressive, and Luke Milan and Levi Madison are the men. You
will be quite impressed when they start eating ass and fucking without flying all over the place.
 3.75 Stars!