Big Brother


Big Brother
2017. TitanMen
Directed by Jasun Mark
Starring: Lorenzo Flexx. Liam Knox, Jesse Jackson, Luke Adams, Tristan Jaxx, Julian Knowles, Jason Vario and Daymin Voss

     So we start the movie with Tristan Jaxx (where have you been? You are one hot silver fox) coming in the house with
Luke Adams who is only in a jockstrap (woof). Jaxx likes what he sees and gives Adams’ ass a feel and a finger. After the
guys make out, Adams getting Jaxx naked and frees his very erect cock (nice). So when Adams finally loses his jockstrap,
it’s time for Jaxx to fuck him but it gets really hot when Adams starts bouncing on Jaxx’s dick because Adams has a very
hard dick that is bouncing along with him. Next we find Jason Vario (woof), who is coming over to see Daymin Voss (hot)
and greets Vario in a jockstrap. (I think I see a movie theme.) Once the guys are both naked, it’s Vario getting his butt
munched on and after some dick-sucking, it’s Vario’s turn to munch on ass before he fucks Voss (very hot) but to make
things even hotter, the guys flip and Voss fucks Vario! When Vario cums on Voss’s face, you will too! Now we find Jesse
Jackman and Julian Knowles working on the shrubs. They decide to take a break and grab a water and go skinny dipping.
Two hot men skinny dipping – who wants to make a bet they will start rubbing on each other that leads to sex? Well, you
win! After the guys get out of the pool with some rubbing and sucking, it’s Knowles with a dick up his bum. Next we meet
repairmen Lorenzo Flexx and Liam Knox who are behind the house working on the air conditioner. They realize they are
both hot and Flexx wants Knox to fuck him and he does so over the air conditioner.

 3.9 Stars!