Best Buddies


Best Buddies
2014 Falcon

Directed by: Tony DiMarco
Starring: Logan Vaughn, Billy Santoro, Ryan Rose, Brandon Jones, Bobby Clark, Nick Sterling
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

    Ever have that friend that you always wished you got naked with and never did? What happens when they come back
into your life? Well Ryan Rose is moving in with Billy Santoro, but before anything happens with them (come on we know
it's going to happen), Brandon Jones comes over and gets naked with Rose while Santoro has to listen to the fucking. Not to
be left out, Santoro has the blond Logan Vaughn come over and it's Rose's turn listening to his friend fuck. Well it takes
Vaughn no time to have Santoro's dick out and hard, and the way Santoro is eating his ass you know it's Vaughn who is going
to be sitting on the dick. Well Bobby Clark also lives at this house and on this day he is being productive and having the groceries
delivered. Thank god the delivery guy is Nick Sterling so he can fuck him also (it still confuses me when Bobby Clark is a top). I
just want to know if Sterling got a tip or was it Clark's big load of cum? All I can think is after Santoro and Rose have been pining
after each other, Rose finally goes for it! These two have been waiting years to have this sex and it's more like two dogs in heat (and
you are going to like it!). The first to get their ass eaten is the first to get fucked, and Rose is that lucky guy. Not to be out done, these
two hot guys are flipping! If you have ever had a fantasy about fucking your friend, this movie is for you!
 3.9 Stars!