2016. NakedSword
Directed by mr. Pam
Starring: Brendon Phillips, Brenner Bolton, Elijah, Ty Royal, Dalton Briggs, Jed Athens, Mike Maverick and Cameron Diggs

   The uber sexy Camron Diggs is out putting posters up for his band when he runs into the vanilla Jed Athens and invites
him back to his house (wink wink) to give him passes to his next performance. Well Diggs' home has dildos on the walls and
Athens wants to expand his horizons by sucking Diggs' cock (it's nice) and to have his hole expanded. Athens might be the first
to eat ass, but it's Diggs who is doing all the fucking. Although it's when Diggs puts Athens in the sling that the party really gets
started. UC Berkeley is known for it's higher education, so in the classroom Professor Brendon Phillips is not happy when Dalton
Briggs keeps getting text messages. Briggs zones out and starts fantasizing about the professor, and lucky for him Phillips likes to
suck dick (and it looks like he is really good at it). Now you would expect that it would be Briggs grabbing his ankles, but it's
Phillips with his legs in the air. Don't worry it was just a fantasy dream. On another part of campus Elijah is unpacking in is
dorm room while talking to his mom when new roommate Ty Royal shows up. After checking each other out, what are the new
roommates to do? Well they get naked and fuck... and since the guys are flippers they take turns. New guy in town Brenner
Bolton is looking for a gym so he goes to the Berkeley Steamworks (yes the Berkeley and Chicago Steamworks have very nice
gyms). After working out he gets a tour of the building by Mike Maverick, which takes a detour to the steam room. After the
guys take turns blowing each other they take turns fucking. I really enjoyed this movie... it was director mr. Pam's best movie
in the last year.

 3.9 Stars!