Behind The Big Top


Behind The Big Top
2013 Raging Stallion Studios

Directed by Tony DiMarco
Starring:  Jimmy Fanz, Rogan Richards, Dale Cooper, Logan Vaugn, Leo Demenico and Josh Long,  Genisis Luna and
James Jamesson
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

Ever wonder what happens behind the scene at a circus? Well director Tony DiMarco is showing us all the sleazy fun! It all
starts with Logan Vaughn sucking on the big man meat of Leo Domenico, and we then cut away and see the strong man Rogan
Richards flexing and liking himself in the mirror. All you want to say to Richards is turn around...three is better than one...and
he does. This is turning out to be the hottest three way I have seen this year, with Vaughn being the lucky guy to get both Richards'
and Domenico's dicks up his ass and a whole lot of cum on his body when they are done. Next we have acrobats Jimmy Fanz and
Josh Long, and there should be a disclaimer saying don't try at home unless you have very good insurance. But if you want to learn
a new trick, this scene it for you! They are flipping and hanging from ladders 69'ing each other until it's time for Fanz to get fucked
by Long (it's all very hot). I will say if you want to see hot, see Genisis Luna in a union suit. While he thinks he is alone, he decides to
rub one out, that is until the sleeping Leo Demenico (is he the circus slut or just friendly?) comes over and gets a piece of Luna's ass.
I have to ask you readers: if when in high school you could suck your own dick, would you ever have left the house? Well the man
with the big beard James Jamesson can and circus clown Dale Cooper (you knew their had to be a clown) is the lucky man that gets
to see it! After Cooper washes off the make-up, they take turns sucking on Jamessons dick (I never thought I would be saying that),
that is until it's time for Jamesson to fuck him in the big top. This movie is hot, sexy and very creative!
 3.95 Stars!