Before the Afterglow


Before the Afterglow
2018. CockyBoys
Directed by Jake Jackson and RJ Sebastian
Starring: Ben Masters, Calvin Banks, Josh Moore, Jagen Zhu, Ethan Slade, Taylor Reign, Max Adonis, Troy Accola

As the movie starts, we meet Ben Masters and Calvin Banks; they are cute, flirty and romantic. Then they go inside and
Masters needs to suck some Banks’ dick. Readers, this is romantic porn because between taking turns enjoying sucking each
other’s plump cocks, they have some hot kissing going on. When Banks starts munching on Masters’ ass, Masters moans and
so will you. The look of lust in Masters’ eyes gives you the knowledge that Masters wants Banks’ big cock up his ass and
Masters really likes getting his way. When we meet Max Adonis and Josh Moore, they are out by the pool in very skimpy
swimwear and we learn it’s okay to hump/grind your chair (Adonis) and eat ass (Moore), plus it’s even better when some 69ing
is going on. I am thrilled to tell you once Moore gets naked, they stay outside (love outdoor sex) and Moore starts fucking Adonis.
I never noticed this before, but Moore has a really nice cock. In the next scene, we find Ethan Slade cutting the grass and Taylor
Reign painting. (Manual labor by porn stars is hot.) Reign, being a good boy, brings the sunscreen over to Slade. Reign finds the
outdoor shower and puts on a show for Slade but when they go inside the house, it’s Reign with his legs in the air on top of the
pool table. When Slade starts fucking Reign on the pool table, I have to say I was surprised because I really thought it was going
to go the other way. I felt much better when they flip. No acting was needed in this movie; these guys enjoyed having sex with
each other.

 3.9 Stars!