Batman V Superman


Batman V. Superman
Directed by Alter Sin
Starring: Trenton Ducati, Topher Dimaggio, Damian Crosse, Paddy O'Brian, Dario Beck, Massimo Piano and Allen King

   We start at a charity event that Bruce Wayne (Trenton Ducati) is hosting when he is introduced to Clark Kent (Topher
Dimaggio) and Wayne is arguing with Kent about why does he supports Superman over Batman (DUH). In another part
of town Damian Crosse is getting jumped by two guys when Superman comes and saves him. What does Superman want
from Crosse? To suck his dick, eat his ass and when his costume comes off he gets to fuck Crosse while Batman watches in
the shadows. Over at Paddy O'Brian's store there's a robbery taking place when Batman comes to save the day... Batman
is on his knees in record time (he keeps his hood on when sucking dick). Then we find out that Batman"s briefs are tearaways
and they come off so O'Brian can eat Batman's ass and fuck him! Over at an abandoned warehouse we find Allen King,
Massimo Piano and Dario Beck locked in cages by an evil villain. But don't worry, they have Batman and Superman to save
them. Once everyone is out of their cages Batman starts sucking on Superman's dick (where was this version when I was a
kid?!). Well Superman wants to suck on Beck and Piano's dicks, so once Batman and Superman get off their knee's everyone
takes turns sucking dick and eating ass. Here is what I learned about superheros from this movie -- Batman likes getting
fucked by Superman (because it happened twice), a cape can get in the way while fucking, and I always knew Batman and
Superman were friendly... I did not know they were also friendly ho's!

 3.85 Stars!