Bathhouse Ballers


Bathhouse Ballers
2017. Hot House Video
Directed by Nick Foxx
Starring Johnny V, Sean Zevran, Woody Fox, Austin Wolf, Micah Brandt, Scott Riley, Brendan Phillips

I am going to assume that if you are reading this review that you have gone to a bathhouse once or twice in your life. First,
we see Brendan Phillips taking off his towel and go into the communal showers (looks like something out of high school). We
find Micah Brandt washing his balls with a semi-chubby. The guys both like what they see because they both are playing with
their dicks. Once Phillips starts playing with his ass, Brandt is ready to play and gets Phillips to play some tongue hockey and
ass play (we all know that Phillips is getting fucked). Now it’s Phillips’ turn to have is ass eaten (this sometimes happens when
I have been to a bathhouse) and once Phillips is on his back, it’s just a matter of time until we see Brandt’s dick up Phillips’ ass.
Over in the sauna, we find Austin Wolf and Scott Riley, with Wolf in a very small towel giving Riley a very hot show that Riley
is truly enjoying. Oops! Wolf’s towel fell off and what’s a guy do? Play with his dick. It must be getting hot in the sauna because
the guys and their hard dicks go in the showers. After putting on a show for each other (and us) and after the guys are sucking
on each other, it’s no shock that Riley is butt-up with Wolf’s dick up his ass. Back in the sauna, we find Johnny V and Woody
Fox. They seem to like each other’s looks because they both have hard ones under their towels. Once the guys start showing
everything, Johnny V likes what he sees because he starts sucking on Fox’s big dick. Once they take turns sucking on each other,
Fox is munching on Johnny V’s ass. Make sure you see the pre-cum coming out of Johnny V (it’s hot). When Johnny V sits on
Fox’s dick, all I can say is don’t try this trick in your sauna; you could hurt yourself. Later that day, we find the hunky Sean
Zevran and the return of Micha Brandt (yes, you can have sex with more than one person in a bathhouse). The guys take turns
sucking on each other and Brandt is the first to get fucked; the hot part is that they flip. This is a hot movie that doesn’t waste
time getting clothes off, just towels.

 3.8 Stars!