Bare to the Bone Part 2


Bare to the Bone Part 1
2016. Kristen Bjorn

Directed by Kristen Bjorn
Starring: James Castle, Viktor Rorn, Letterio Amadeo, Lucas Fox, Craig Daniel, Patryk Jankowski, John Rodriguez,
Stephan Raw, Alberto, Egosito, Manuel Olveyra, Peter Coxx, Rick De Silver
Viktor Rom and James Castle are old friends (wink- wink), so when they meet up, they go back to Rom’s place. Don’t you
like it when Castle is opening up Rom’s pants and an erect dick pops out? After the guys take turns sucking on each other,
Castle demands that Rom fucks him. (Don’t you love when a man knows what he wants?) Rom rams his big dick up Castle’s
greedy hole and after some major cumming on both parts, I think an old friendship has been rekindled. Well, when we first
see Letterio Amadeo and Toffic, they are sitting on a bench when their friend Raul Korso comes by and asks for a light. We
all know that means: Let’s go to your place for a three-way. Once all the guys get naked, Korso and Toffic begin tag- teaming
Amadeo’s huge uncut cock. I personally liked it when Toffic lets Korso eat his ass while Amedeo sucks on his dick. It gets really
hot when Amedeo and Korso both shove their dicks up Toffic’s ass (yes, we are talking double-penetration, guys). Next scene,
we have Jared invite Patryk Jankowski back to his flat and after they take turns stripping each other naked, it’s Jared who
starts the sucking on Jankowski’s dick. It’s when Jared lies down and Jankowski thrusts his dick up Jared’s happy hole. The
pulsating of Jankowski’s ass sucks the cum out of Jared’s dick. Last but not least, we have John Rodriguez and Enzo Cortes
try and tempt James Castle for a night of XXX pleasure. We all know if you are the new guy in the three-way, it’s all about
you. Since Castle is the guest, he does get to suck the dicks first (good manners). Castle, wanting to be the good guest, takes both
dicks in his mouth at the same time (now that’s talent). I liked when Rodriguez and Cortes are 69ing when Castle is eating
Rodriguez’s ass. The fun really starts when Rodriguez and Cortes take turns fucking Castle’s ass.

 3.9 Stars!