Bare to the Bone Part 1


Bare to the Bone Part 1
2016. Kristen Bjorn

Directed by Kristen Bjorn
Starring: James Castle, Viktor Rorn, Letterio Amadeo, Lucas Fox, Craig Daniel, Patryk Jankowski, John Rodriguez,
Stephan Raw, Alberto, Egosito, Manuel Olveyra, Peter Coxx, Rick De Silver
Letterio Amadeo is playing on his phone when a really hot photo of Patryk Jankowski shows up... time to play! Amadeo
invites Jankowski over and they get down to business with Amadeo getting Jankowski's cock out. After the guys take turns
sucking on each other, it's Amadeo who starts munching on  Jankowski's  ass. The good news is a lot of saliva is needed to
get Amadeo's dick up  Jankowski's  ass because I don't see any lube. In another part of town, James Castle is out exploring
when he runs into Lucas Fox and Alejandro Dumas... what's a good boy to do? Well if you are Castle you bring both men
home to play with! After all three of the guys get naked (and I have to tell you they all have very nice cocks), it's Dumas who
instructs the guys to take turns fucking him. This tag-teaming must have turned Castle on because it seems his butthole was
twitching and needed some Fox dick up it. In another part of town, Viktor Rom and Manuel Olveyra are playing online and
find some photos of Craig Daniel and invite him over to play. All three of these guys have nice dicks, but I have no idea how
Olveyra can get double fucked by these guys (he starts bouncing with the two big dicks up his ass... amazing!). Letterio
Amadeo is back and he is mad because Stephan Raw is late. I think he's going to take it out on his ass... and his mouth... and
any place else he can find. Raw got it rough and I think he liked it.

 3.85 Stars!