Bad Cop 2


Bad Cop 2
2017. TitanMen
Directed by Jasun Mark
Starring Dallas Steele, Bruce Beckhum, Michah Brandt, Tex Davidson, Dakota Rivers, Jeremy Spreadums and Jason Vario

So it’s a shift change, Dakota Rivers is getting off and Jeremy Spreadums (also a cop) likes it when Rivers tasers him
ever so lightly and it kind of gives Spreadums a chubby and he shows Rivers and what’s Rivers to do but suck his dick?
What is he to do to return the favor but get Rivers naked and suck his dick? (Rivers has a nice dick.) Once Rivers gets
Spreadums’ pants off, there is no question that Rivers was doing the fucking. The next day, in the break room, we find
Dallas Steele rubbing one out, watching Michah Brandt giving Tex Davidson a blowjob. I have to say Brandt is talented
because he gets his clothes off while giving a blowjob. I think Steele likes it when Davidson sucks Brandt’s dick but when
Davidson starts fucking Brandt’s ass, Steele seems to be very happy and when Rivers comes in, they enjoy [wink-wink]
watching together. At the end of another shift change, we find Bruce Beckham and Jason Vario [double-woof], and after
making out, Vario is on his knees sucking on Beckham’s dick. The guys take turns munching on each other’s butts but it’s
Beckham with a dick up his ass. I have to say it’s really hot watching these two manly men fuck. We are back with Steele
and Rivers watching guys fuck; they are horny and we find Rivers on his knees sucking Steele’s dick. After the guys take
turns sucking dicks, it’s Steele bouncing on Rivers’ dick and Rivers just sucks the cum out of Steele.

 3.85 Stars!