Austin Wolfe  

Tom Olah: You left Randy Blue last May to be a member of the Falcon Studios Group A-Team, I have to ask why?
Austin W: The studio decided to move in the direction of bareback. While I hold no bad opinions of this kind of porn, it's just not what I want to
T.O: What part of making porn do you like the best?
A.W: The family I create with all my coworkers at the studio. They are what makes it great!!
T.O: Best place you have been sent to film at?
A.W: Arizona so far. Was amazing.

T.O: Total Exposure was in the country way past Phoenix, is this normal so no one bothers the filming?
A.W: I'm new to on-location filming. So I'm not completely sure

T.O: Are you and your boyfriend still together?
A.W: We are. We just hit a year this month :).
T.O: Have you slept with all the A-Team that you want..... is someone still on the  list?
A.W: No, not yet. I want them all!!!
T.O: What is next for Austin Wolf?
A.W: Tons of travel. New Orleans. Scene in Vegas. Appearance in Orlando then another scene in Vegas then Montreal. Always on the go, and
several new scenes and movies coming out from Falcon Studios Group. New scenes have gone live and DVDs will be available soon for ‘The Urge:
Huntin’ for Ass’ and ‘The URGE: Pound that Butt’ from Hot House, Falcon’s ‘Sex Pad’ is available, and I’m in both ‘Total Exposure 1 & 2,’ the
Raging Stallion Fall Blockbuster.

T.O: Where can your fans keep all things Austin Wolf?
A.W: On Twitter and Instagram: AUSTINWOLFFF

This article ran in the September 8, 2015 Issue of GRAB Magazine.