Ass Fucking Alpha Males


Ass Fucking Alpha Males
2017. Lucas Entertainment
Directed by Michael Lucas
Starring: Dylan James, James Castle, Bogdan Gromov, Michael Roman, Ace Era, Andrey Vic, James Castle, Ricky Verez,
Klim Gromov, Jon Bae and Sergeant Miles

     When the movie starts, we find Bogdan Gromov in his bedroom in bed when James Castle in a towel comes into join him. 
The guys cuddle and (shock!) the towel comes off once Gromov’s underwear comes off. Surprisingly, Dylan James walks in
the room with his hard dick out. Gromov and Castle put on a show before James joins in and Gromov is sucking some James
dick. This is a hot three-way as Castle is sucking James and fucking Gromov. Next James is fucking Castle while Castle is still
fucking Gromov. Then we have James fucking Gromov while Gromov is eating Castle’s butt, but it gets fun when James is
fucking Gromov and Castle is going back and forth and forth! Out by the pool, we find Jon Bae, Andrey Vic, Rickey Verez
and Klim Gromov and what we know is Gromov and Vic are Alpha Males (the tops). While Verez and a guy (I cannot figure
out who he is) are making out, Gromov and Vic are fucking them and the guys take turns fucking the other’s bottom. The tops
stay tops and the bottoms stay bottoms but they go back and forth and forth so much I lost count (hot). Last but not least, in an
amazing bedroom, we find Sergeant Miles tying up Jon Bae (and he likes it) and fucking him every which way. This is a hot
all-sex movie.

 3.95 Stars!