Ass Fiends


Ass Fiends
2016. Hot House Video

Directed by Nick Foxx
Starring: Ryan Rose, Bravo Delta, Sean Zevran, Chris Bines, Jacob Taylor, Micah Brandt and Josh Conners

   Ryan Rose, Micah Brandt and a sling... now this is how you start a movie! Brandt is on his knee's and sucking on some
hard Rose dick (does Rose show up to the set rock hard?) and Brandt goes from sucking dick to eating ass to sucking dick.
Don't worry, Rose has to do some work also and throws Brandt on the sling and does some major Brandt ass eating (the
way Brandt was moaning I think we can all feel Rose's tongue). Things really get popping when Brandt is laying in the
sling and Rose is just pounding on Brandt's juicy ass!  Next up is Bravo Delta and Josh Conners (Conners has knee pads
on so I think we know who is taking it from behind) . After some major ass eating on Delta's part the big dildo comes out
and goes up Conners' ass. Delta gets done playing with toys and shoves his thick cock up Conners' plump ass. Jacob Taylor
and Sean Zeveran are two of the most well built men in porn so seeing them in a scene together is just amazing. After some
dick sucking and ass eating, it's just muscle hunk art to watch Taylor fuck Zevran! Micah Brandt is back and is just
bouncing around on a dildo when Chris Bines comes by and gives him a hand. After the guys are done playing with the
dildo, don't worry, Brandt gets some real Bines' dick pounding on his ass. If you like a juicy ass this movie is for you!

 3.8 Stars!